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One Year Acting Program
Genre    Acting
Course Time 9:00 am - 5:00 pm & 5:00 - 8:00 pm

One Year Acting Program is a one-year intensive and broad-based actor oriented program. It aims to impart training in both performance and theory to create finest thinking actors. The program, through various methods of acting, imparts training in both body movement and voice projection, introduces a repertoire of classical drama (Indian and international) and provides a holistic vision of theatre by conducting practical training in all aspects of theatre as well as acting in front of the camera. Students learn to apply their skills and training in these areas through multiple productions of plays over one year and also understand the in-depth process. At the end of the course, participants are rewarded with a certificate from SRC for successfully completing the program.


  • Acting Theories: Embark on an exploration of the rich history and origin of theatre, delving into the realms of Greek theatre, Natyashastra, etc.
  • World Drama History: Explore the evolution of global theatrical traditions, traversing the corridors of history to understand their profound impact.
  • Modern Acting Techniques: Immerse yourself in performances with a comprehensive study of the Stanislavski Method, the Meisner Technique, and the nuanced approach of Michael Chekhov.
  • Classical, folk and contemporary Movement: Experience the grace and expression in classical movements, exploring the captivating styles of Kathakali, Kuchipudi as well as Classical Indian Drama, intertwined with the freedom of creative and imaginary movement techniques.
  • Body, Mind, and Soul Connection: Build a holistic understanding of performance by integrating practices that connect the body, mind, and soul, including yoga for performers, the expressive art of mime, and the dynamic movements of Chau.
  • Grammar of Stage: Master the essential principles of stagecraft such as make up, sets, costumes as well as honing an in depth vocabulary of stage composition, angles, squaring etc.
  • Concentration, Observation, and Imagination: Sharpen your skills with techniques that enhance concentration, foster keen observation, and unleash the power of imagination to keep you dynamically present on stage.
  • Dramaturgy: Learn the intricacies of dramatic structure, understanding plot, sub-plot, context, and climax to craft compelling and effective storytelling.
  • Breathing Techniques and Expression through Voice: Refine your breath control techniques and explore the expressive potential of your voice, allowing for an impactful vocal delivery.
  • Diction and Speech: Fine-tune your articulation skills and gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy of voice to convey your character's essence with clarity and precision.
  • Music in Theatre: Explore the emotional dynamics of singing, practicing Sargam and Alankar and understanding sur and taal.
  • Scene Work: Apply theoretical knowledge through hands-on, practical scene work, honing your ability to translate concepts into compelling on-stage performance.
  • Two Productions: Participate actively in a full production process, in the creation of both Indian Classical and Western productions, ultimately gaining practical and diverse experiences in the art of theatre-making.

The program also serves to broaden the understanding of the students through additional activities such as:

  • Critical analysis of plays with eminent scholars.
  • Lectures and talks by well-known theatre practitioners such as playwrights, directors, theatre designers.
  • Interact with actors and directors during different festivals and interactive sessions.
Fees Rs 1,98,000/- to be paid in 2 installments Rs 1,10,000/- to be paid in 2 installments 
Timings 9 am - 5 pm 5 - 8 pm
Days Mon - Fri Mon - Fri
Number of Seats 15 - 20 15 - 20



  • You must be 18 years and above to join the program.
  • Prior theatre experience is required.


Interested candidates must fill out the form online or collect it from the venue and submit it. A screening of the forms takes place where your eligibility and qualifications are evaluated after which a few of the forms are shortlisted for round one- an interview based audition. If one clears the first round of auditions then they are invited for round 2 which is a workshop based audition. The final list of candidates who clear both rounds are the ones who get selected for the program.


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